OCNNILevel3 The Art of Showmanship for FCI & UK Dog Show Handlers endorsed accreditation.

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Duration: Online course and assessment you have up to 12 months from enrolement to complete.
Entrance Requirements: age 18  plus students will need access to a dog for practical ringcraft/dog showing.

Course Description:
 This online course will help handlers understand dog showing and learn or improve showmanship to handle and prepare there dogs within the showring, it will also cover the theory of showing so the learner will understand different FCI AND UK dog showing requirements.

The objectives of the course are to help you:

  • Develop leadership, initiative, and responsibility

  • Develop self – confidence and patience

  • Learn show procedures, rules, and etiquette as a dog handler

  • Develop high standards of sportsmanship when dealing with judges, competitors, and the public

  • Learn about the positive experience of dog owning and of presenting the dog in the show ring.

  • Learn how to win and lose gracefully.

The online learning resources should be used in conjunction with attendance at a ringcraft class or whilst working with a mentor for practical ringcraft.
Students will need to video/photograph several practical handling tasks and complete short answer assignments to show competence in the art of ringcraft.
This course is a level 3 endorsed accrediation by OCNNI a national awarding body which helps handlers to achieve a formal certification which can help in future work within the animal care industry.

Course fee: £410.00

To Enrol: Complete the booking form and email back to iaccollege@aol.com
Pay course fee on receipt of both we will email you current availability to choose from if you would like to pay via bacs/card contact us on 02891450585
If you prefer to pay via card or bacs please call or email us for details iaccollege@.com

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